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Settling a movable estate bequeathed to a non-profit organization

Settling a movable estate bequeathed  to a non-profit organization

Mars 2019

In the course of the collaboration between the “Conseil Supérieur du Notariat” and “France Générosités”, Sophie GONSARD participated in a one-day training session on the treatment of bequests of movable assets from the point of view of associations. Certain problems linked to the management of bequests of movable assets were isolated:

  • Which qualification should be retained for the bequest of all or part of the movable assets and what are the consequences for the legatee organization?
  • What is the qualification for the bequeathed furniture?
  • What provision should be made in the event of the disappearance of one of the legatees or the renunciation to the bequest on the day of death?
  • Is the inventory of movable assets compulsory for the non-profit organization that receives the bequest?
  • Who can carry out this inventory?
  • What management is possible for the furniture by the legatee non-profit organization?
  • The testator was a tenant of his dwelling and the landlord demands its return after his death. The non-profit has not yet accepted the bequest. What can it do?
  • Passing on financial capital: will or life insurance?
  • Life insurance: naming the beneficiary by will?
  • Specific objects: what to do with a firearm? gold bars? in case of discovery of ivory? How to sell a vehicle?

This study is only available in French.


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