Logo Althémis - De la stratégie aux actes

Althémis Group

Althémis is a Civil Law notary’s group. Its goal is to create a synergy between financial, intellectual and human resources in the service of its customers.

In addition to traditional fields of notarial practice, each of the Group Althémis’s notaries has chosen to study in depth one or more high added-value fields of expertise. Our spirit of creativity and engineering is reflected in the writing of articles, specialised works and in our conferences. These high-level technical skills allow us to support our clients in the planification of their private and professional estate, both in France and abroad.

Being members of Lexunion, a network bringing together more than 500 Civil Law notaries, lawyers and tax experts worldwide, enables us to deal straightforwardly with the international problems of our clients.

De la stratégie aux actes (from strategy to deeds). Our signature reveals our vision of a two-dimensional notarial activity: offering both reliable advice and a value-added strategy, then converting that into action to support our clients and their families over the long term.

The meaning of our name. The prefix Al has several sources, each of Latin origin: aliter (in another way), alto (to progress, to raise), alter (others), each reflecting our objectives and our values. Themis is the goddess of Justice, Law and Equity. Althémis thus reflects the desire of our notarial group to place advice and the suitable solutions at the heart of our legal and tax work.