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Entrepreneurs, how to prepare your project

Entrepreneurs, how to prepare your project

Octobre 2022

More and more French people are creating their own company. If the public authorities have encouraged these initiatives, the company must face more risks. Conseils des Notaires magazine talks to Frédéric AUMONT, Althémis Lyon notaire and president of the Enterprise Commission at the French Congrès des Notaires.

  • Is it easy to create a company today?
  • Which professional is likely to enlighten the young entrepreneur?
  • How to find financing to start a business project?
  • How can the entrepreneur protect his personal assets?
  • What are the responsibilities of the entrepreneur?
  • What exactly does the notion of raison d’être cover and how can the company give it substance?

This interview is only available in French.

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Frédéric AUMONT - Althémis Lyon

Frédéric AUMONT