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Wealth engineering at the service of individual philanthropy

Wealth engineering at the service of individual philanthropy

Juin 2014

A philanthropic action can be one-off or long-term. Similarly, it may concern a limited or very significant financial volume, in absolute or relative terms, i.e. in proportion to the assets. It can imply a strong personal involvement of the philanthropist  with regard to the action carried out and/or be the object of a total delegation of the selected non-profit organization.

In all cases, the philanthropist must establish a strategy, which is accompanied by a prioritization of the objectives to be achieved:

  • by integrating the instruments, the assets, but also the constraints of the legal environment in a French civil law context, particularly in the presence of forced heirs
  • by taking advantage of the tax environment created by the legislator or by practice
  • depending on the ressources of one’s own estate.

In this study, Sophie GONSARD, Althémis Le Vésinet notaire, presents examples in which wealth engineering is used to support a philanthropic strategy and, where appropriate, to help it evolve.

This study is only available in French.


Sophie GONSARD - Althémis Le Vésinet


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