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Selling and buying real estate, guide in 5 key steps

Buying and selling real estate are important transactions in somebody’s life, which require careful thoughts and planning. This general rule is all the more relevant as real estate transactions have become extremely complex, due to the very wide range of laws and regulations governing such transactions, with a combination of public an private interests. In addition, the legislator’s determination to grant buyers as much protection as possible is reflected in the formal, binding requirements applying to the sale process. At a time when it is possible to purchase anything with 3 clics online, the notarial procedure may seem very long. However, it is surely worth taking a little longer to ensure the legal certainty of a real estate transaction, considering what is at stake. The purpose of this guide is to set out the 5 key steps to be followed when selling and buying real estate, in other words what buyers and sellers need to know in order to be fully prepared and understand the work carried out behind the scenes by notaries for the completion of the transaction.

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