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Althémis presentation brochure

Althémis presentation brochure

Décembre 2021

Why Althémis ?

Editorial by Pascal JULIEN SAINT-AMAND, notary and president of the Althémis groupe

In a legal, tax and economic environment that is becoming increasingly complex, our clients need in-depth assistance. From family law to taxation, including real estate law, corporate law and international law, Althémis brings together a group of specialists. They have a dual training: notarial of course, as this is the basis of our activity and the common ground that allows us to develop an efficient synergy at the service of our clients; and then specialized, as the intricacies of tax, urban planning, international or corporate law often require that the case be analysed in a specific light.

But this expertise would be nothing if it where not marked by an approach resolutely focused on wealth management advice and allowing the adoption of the best strategy in dealing with the issues raised. Althémis has set up a documentation center, a quality department and inter-office working groups to ensure the sharing of innovative and secure solutions among the group’s 150 notaries and employees.

We are convinced that the passion and enthusiasm that drive us will enable us to continue to serve our clients and their families.

This brochure is only available in French.

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